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Published on November 14, 2019
Modified on November 14, 2019
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Here we have some Gorgeous baby Indian Ring-necks that are Hand Reared from as young as 14 days old and all of our babies have been played with since young chicks, and now at 12 weeks old they are fully tame, as they are great with everyone and will go to anyone in the family including little kids. All of our Baby Indian Ring-necks have been handled on daily bases, and have been very well socialize to ensure their tame nature remains as friendly as possible.
Indian Ring-necks are Highly intelligent medium sized Parrots, and are well known for their exceptional ability to talk and known for their comical characters, and their cheeky behavior. These baby parrots make a great pet for any family that want a good medium sized parrot with a lot of character for their size, these clever birds put a lot of effort to please their owners and wont fail to please their family. All of our Babies are well looked after as they have a super feather condition and are in great health. All of our Babies love coming out of the cage and playing with the bracelets and toys, and will also take treats from you such as, apples and Nutria berries.

Every morning all of our Babies get the chance to exercise their wings, and spends most of their day sitting on our hands, or the java tree stand playing with their toys. All Babies are Breed to meet the Highest Standard of Colours, and these babies are the most Rarest Collection of Indian Ring-necks, as they come in many pied Mutation Colours which are not easily found.

Some babies have a very unique colour which may not be identical to any other Ring-neck in the country which makes it so exciting. All Babies are very socialized and have never attacked or bitten anyone which makes them a great pet. All Babies are ready to go to a new home. We understand choosing your perfect pet parrot could be a hard decision. That’s why each customer will get a very good one to one service, to help answer all your questions you may have. Buyers will also get an interesting yet very useful Lecture before purchasing the bird to ensure the well-being is properly understood by the customers, as well as receiving a full guideline. So if you think you can offer a loving home for anyone of my babies please feel free to contact us On



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